Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love (or at least commitment) is in the air

Three famous couples who had so far avoided getting engaged or married have finally done just that. I never thought Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford would get engaged, because they'd been together for seven years (after meeting at the Golden Globes in 2002), she already had a kid (whom she adopted as an infant when she was still single), and he is twice divorced. But apparently they got engaged over Valentine's Day weekend (,,20267173,00.html).

I also never thought Bruce Willis would get married again, since I read an interview with him in PEOPLE Magazine three or four years ago where he said he felt no need to settle down, he already had three kids and wasn't looking to start a new family, etc. But last weekend he married his 30-year-old girlfriend, model Emma Heming ( They've only been dating for a year, though, so I wonder if it will last.

And most surprising of all, David Letterman finally married Regina Lasko, his girlfriend of 23 YEARS, last week! (,0,1870943.story) I really never thought they would get married -- I mean, if it hasn't happened after 23 years and one kid together, you figure it's just not happening. He had married his college girlfriend in his 20s but ended up getting divorced after seven or eight years, and he seemed really burned out on marriage after that -- he dated Merrill Markoe, who wrote for his show, from the late '70s until the mid-'80s, and they never got married.

Never say never, I guess.


  1. I knew when Howard Stern got married again that you can't ever count anyone out. I didn't know Letterman had been with his girlfriend for 23 years, though. Jeez.

  2. 23 years is such a long time. But if it worked for both of them, then I guess that's good. I don't know that I would be ok with it.

  3. Yes, Howard Stern, I forgot, he got re-married again recently! I agree, I never thought he'd take the plunge again, either.
    I know, David Letterman's girlfriend was in her 20s when they started dating. I wonder if she realized fairly early on that he might never marry her, and she was OK with it? Or did he keep stalling and putting it off, a la Pam's ex-fiance Roy on "The Office"? I would've given up hope after 23 years!