Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Big Life Cartoon #1: 12/13/2004

I used to draw cartoons about my life and post them at a blog called The Big Life. I finally took down the web site, since I hadn't updated it in years and it wasn't working anyway. But it was so fun/nostalgic to re-read the old cartoons about these little moments of my daily life, some of which I had completely forgotten about. So I've decided to re-post them (one per day) on this blog, in chronological order, beginning with my very first cartoon from Dec. 13, 2004 (you know it's old because it involves a land line phone! LOL)

I'm a school psychologist!

Well, it's been a while. The good news: I finished my internship in June, graduating with my Certificate of Advanced Standing in school psychology! And it took alllllll summer, but -- I got a full-time job as a school psychologist in an inner city somewhere on the East Coast of the United States (she blogged mysteriously ;).  I had to move suddenly, which was stressful, but so far I like the job. Being a school psychologist is much less stressful than being a teacher. There's stress, but it's more like normal job stress, not nervous breakdown stress. Hats off to all teachers for all they do.