Friday, March 1, 2013


How is it March already!? I'm still accidentally writing "2012" on my checks ;O Heard on the radio that today is a palindrome date: 3/1/13 is the same forwards and backwards. I like palindromes.

I took my very first class ever at the gym. It's called "Chisel," and it involves strength and flexibility training. I picked it because the blurb described it as "perfect for soon-to-be moms," and I thought, if it's gentle enough for pregnant women, that's definitely my speed! I texted that to my sister, and she wrote back, "Ha ha ha! Well, you ARE planning on adopting." Which is true -- once I find a job this fall and get settled, I hope to start the process of adopting an older child from the foster care system. So I am, in fact, a soon-to-be mom. :)


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