Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My job was posted on-line!

Yes! As of Saturday, my school's very own web site says they are looking for elementary AND MIDDLE SCHOOL special education teachers! Theoretically, this could mean they just want to add a third special ed teacher to the middle school, in addition to me and the other current special ed teacher. But coupled with my rather negative summative evaluation, I think it's a good sign they'll lay me off and I can get unemployment! *fingers crossed*


  1. oh no...well maybe it's oh yes..since i really believe when one door closes another opens...at least the school year is almost over. i've enjoyed reading your post about your school year.

  2. Please keep us updated, Artichoke. In any case, what do NY teachers do in the summer? Also, have you found a copy of _Up the Down Staircase_ by Bel Kaufman?

  3. When is school out for the summer? Any news on your job?