Sunday, February 14, 2010

I didn't get fired

Well, I still have a job.

The special ed director had already scheduled my mid-year review for Thursday during the second-to-last period of the day, so all day I worried about whether she and the principal were going to use that time to fire me. But then the time came, and the special ed director came to get me, all perky, and led me not into the principal's office, but into the conference room, where a couple of other teachers were grading papers. She did my whole mid-year review like normal, and then at the last minute she asked, "Oh, and did you give any thought to our conversation on Tuesday?"

"Yes," I said. "I want to become a better teacher. I want to stay."

"Okay, that's great! That shows your dedication and commitment," she said enthusiastically.

And that was that. It was rather anticlimactic, actually. The principal wasn't even there! Which is fine with me -- if they want to pretend like it never happened, I'll just play along.

Now I'm on my one-week February vacation. It is so, so, SO nice to have this week off. I really needed it. As my dad said the day he was released from the hospital, "If I'd had to stay here one more day, I would've had a nervous breakdown!"



  1. Enjoy your week off. So glad you are still employed. In a past post, you mentioned not returning to Crazy School next academic year. Are you looking for alternatives? Being fired is devastating, but ultimately, it can put your goals in better focus and place you on the right trail. Did you and NGITW have a good Valentine's Day?

  2. Oh, regarding _Up the Down Staircase_, by Bel Kaufman, the cover art led me to believe the book was comical, but the movie version was dryly dramatical. See what you think. My aunt was a teacher in (and a product of) the NYC public school system; she empathized with the protagonist on both scores.

  3. NGiTW & I did have a really nice Valentine's Day, thanks, Waitress! I should post about that next time!