Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playwriting triumph!

Two weeks ago, my playwriting enrichment class almost made me cry. But today, they were wonderful! I had them do an improv activity where I gave them a few lines of a scene -- one was between a mother and daughter, another was two friends, and another was a principal and a student -- and they had to read the four lines given, then improvise the rest. They did an amazing job! They really stayed in character and went down a few different avenues before finally either solving the conflict (2 scenes) or reluctantly giving up (1 scene). The special ed director happened to be in the room doing some work, but she started watching and was so impressed, she went and got Mitchell, the vice principal! He walked in during the last scenario, which happened to be between a principal and a student who had been misbehaving in class, and BOTH of those students have been sent to Mitchell's office for once they realized Mitchell was watching I think they got a little intimidated and resolved the conflict kind of abruptly. But they were clamoring to do more! Afterward I had them write down their opinions of how the scenes went, and then they started writing some of the dialogue down. It worked out so well! Wow. It's such a relief not to dread teaching this class anymore. :-D


  1. How gratifying for you and the students! Somehow this exercise clicked with them. Maybe because of the need for creativity. I really liked this post. Unrelated but of interest, does the tai chi help, in general?

  2. Thanks! Ugh, tai chi has been really disappointing, actually. The kids talk SO MUCH, we can barely get through it. One day last week they would not shut up, so we finally started anyway, and about half the kids were following along and doing the movements, but the other half were standing around laughing and chatting loudly with their friends. Sigh!